Reasons to Buy

  • TIME – In most instances a home can be delivered to the building site within 90 days from the time of ordering the home.
  • MONEY – The cost per square foot for the home is generally 20 – 30% less than on site construction costs.
  • VALUE – It is common for factory built homes to cost considerably less than site built homes, therefore appraisals typically come in higher, creating instant equity in the home.
  • PROTECTION – Homes are being built in a climate controlled environment rather than being exposed to elements of weather.
  • CONSTRUCTION – Each home is built to meet or exceed the minimum standards of the Uniform Building Code issued by the state of Colorado.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Over 100 different floor plans to choose from between three manufacturers. Several different styles of homes including Cape Cods, Ranches, Two and 2 ½ Stories.
  • CUSTOMIZE – Design a floor plan to suit your specific needs.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Long term savings on heating bills due to the insulation R values.
  • OPTIONS – Various styles of doors, windows, sidings and interior finishes are available.
  • COMMITMENT – Premium Living is committed to providing only a superior home, knowledgeable sales staff, and excellent customer service.

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