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Planning a new home, like most major investments, requires that you carefully consider three factors: design/product, affordability and value. Premium Living has helped thousands of families make wise decisions in the 26 year history of our family run company based on these three considerations. We may not have the answers for every family, but we are confident that we can help a large number of people.


We start with a manual of over 70 plan designs. Many of these standard plans have been “just right” time after time, and many have been used as a starting point to be customized until becoming “perfect” for each family. Our experienced sales staff can then help you make decisions on how to modify a design to fit your family and your building site. You can build a house with various features allowing you to design with price in mind.


Most people aren’t sure what a new home will cost or should cost, and not quite sure how much they can afford if they require a mortgage. At Premium Living our on-site mortgage representatives will pre-qualify you and tell you what dollar amount you have to work with in a couple of days. This approach makes it much easier to make design decisions.


The fact is, at Premium Living we build a superior home compared to most site built homes. Our system built IRC homes retain the traditional ingredients of a site built home and are built to conventional building codes of the State of Colorado (UBC). In addition, our homes are built in a controlled factory environment eliminating costly weather delays which are a fact of life for the site builder. The bottom line is a consistent quality product at an affordable price. It’s common for our clients to save 10-30% on our homes when compared to traditional site built homes.

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