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3 Insane Benefits of Modular Homes

As a homebuyer, you need to gather all information you can about all building options before you decide what’s best for you. One of the housing options that has become so popular in recent times is modular homes. They are different from manufactured or mobile homes because they are built on the same foundation as a stick-built home. Once you understand the benefits of investing in a modular home, you get a new perspective on how your dream home should look like and what specifications you can add to it. In today’s article, we will be discussing three insane benefits of modular homes.

  • Cost-effective

About 80 to 90% of modular homes are built in a factory before it is transported and finalized on-site. This allows manufacturers to purchase supplies in bulk because they can be stored in warehouses until they are ready. Since manufacturers save costs during the production, the same happens when a buyer purchases a modular home. When compared to a stick-built home, both the manufacturer and the homebuyer save a fraction of the cost when you consider the amount of money invested in building materials, labor, and the time taken to complete the project.

modular home kitchen

Modular homes are cost-effective and environment friendly

The fact that manufacturers save costs during production doesn’t mean that modular homes are not as sturdy as stick-built homes. They use a systematic approach to building modular homes from the inside out. Inside the facility, you will find experienced craftsmen and women who construct the homes in modules, sections, or units. They start with the floors before then they move to the doors, windows, and cabinetry, before finalizing on plumbing and electrical systems. The units or modules are thoroughly inspected at the end of the manufacturing process for quality and consistency. As a homebuyer, you save a lot of upfront costs when purchasing a modular home while retaining the same sturdiness and efficiency of a stick-built home.

  • Environmentally responsible

The manufacturing process of modular homes not only helps to reduce the upfront costs but is also the main reason why modular homes are eco-friendly. First, they produce very little material waste during construction. Since all building supplies are already on-site, manufacturers only use the materials they need at a time and store the rest for future use. Some prefab factory processes are said to reduce material waste by more than 50% because modular homes are constructed to exact specifications.

Another reason why modular homes are environmentally responsible is because of the insulation material used on the exterior wall. Not only does this insulation reduce heating and cooling costs but also adds strength and safety to your modular home. These homes are also considered extremely energy efficient because they use CFL or LED lighting. When compared to incandescent bulbs, CFL or LED lighting decreases the amount of heating and cooling required to keep your home at the preferred temperature. This, in turn, saves you money in the process by protecting the environment from unnecessary waste.

  • Complies with the standards of a stick-built home

Many people have a wrong misconception about modular homes because they use the term ‘manufactured’ interchangeably. As we mentioned before, a modular home is built to about 80 – 90% completion before it is finalized on-site on a similar foundation used for stick-built homes. This is different from manufactured or mobile homes that are shipped fully assembled or on a chassis. Since modular homes arrive in multiple pieces, they are assembled piece by piece on a solid foundation from the ground up and look the same as a traditionally built home.

A modular home isn’t intended to move from one location to another once it has been installed on a lot. They use the same HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roofing materials as a stick-built structure. In addition, the mechanical elements of these homes are thoroughly inspected before each module leaves the factory to be assembled on-site. The inspectors also verify that the homes are built tightly and with quality insulation. This means that modular homes possess the quality amenities of stick-built homes without the risk of hidden measures for cutting costs. These homes also receive identical insurance as traditional construction since underwriters consider these two types of construction methods equally valuable.

Owning a home is one of the best investments you can ever make in life. Modular homes provide home buyers with a way to move into a beautiful dream home with lower upfront costs compared to building on-site from scratch or purchasing an established home. Whether you are going for a sleek, modern, spacious, cozy, simple, or classic theme, you can always customize a modular home to fit your design preferences.