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How Much Does it Cost to Set up a Modular Home on Raw Land in Colorado?

This alludes to homes made in a factory environment after which they are conveyed to the raw land, set up, put together and fixed on a firm solid foundation. Conversely, raw land refers to land yet to be improved or developed and devoid of any structures erected on it.

Creating a modular home in Colorado on such raw land entails several varying costs, which make the total whole, and it is influenced by different elements, which should be thoroughly considered. For better comprehension, this article will delve deep into discussing all these determining factors and how they dictate the eventual cost of erecting a modular home on raw land in Colorado.

Modular home in Colorado

Cost of Land

The charge for raw land in Colorado is calculated for each square foot or by the acre. The costs differ premised on where the land is situated, the measurements of the land, the prevailing market conditions and if the land is easily accessible or located in a very remote or inaccessible area. The value of land in the metropolitan areas of Colorado is higher compared to the price of the same portion in the upcountry, rural and less desirable areas. Further, the price in highly populated areas in Colorado keeps on soaring due to the constantly increasing and highly competitive prices. As an example, land in the rural areas could cost around $5000 to $20,000 per acre whereas land in the city, developed and densely populated areas could be around $50,000 skyrocketing to six figures contingent on how prime the land is.

Expense of the Modular Home

It is well known that prefabricated homes are more affordable than conventional stick-built houses. The dimensions, standards and the specific manufacturer of the prefabricated home determine the cost of these homes. Basic and rudimentary modular homes range between $50,000 and $150,000 in Colorado. However, advanced and highly customized homes with bespoke luxury specifications and features usually cost more starting from $200,000 upwards. This charge is usually inclusive of the transit to the location, and it covers the preliminary stages of installation.

Groundwork and Location Preparation

This entails all the preparatory measures necessary in terms of the land being ready for the placement of the modular home. It encompasses site clearing, leveling and other measures essential to ready the same for construction. Several factors affect the expense of preparing the site for instance the utilities ease of access and additional examples like terrain and the condition and situation of the land itself. Some terrains could entail more intricacies and there could be complexities involved in readying a parcel of land, which was in a very bad state from the onset. Location preparation on a 2-acre plot of land in a rural area could cost you around $20,000.

Installation Costs

The installation process is done on a platform like a concrete slab and the choice and cost involved is guided by the kind of soil, materials employed, labor intensiveness and the distinct municipal codes in Colorado. Some foundation options such as the basement are deemed expensive hence, you should stand informed.


These are a fundamental prerequisite prior to the commencement of any building project. There are different types of permits required in Colorado ranging from environmental, building and zoning permits. The prices involved are determined by the size and the scope of the project and further by the unique regulations of the specific local area. The prices range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars predicated on the foregoing factors.

Transportation Costs

This is determined by the distance involved, and the challenges involved in accessing the specific route leading to the site in question.

Set Up Costs

This includes the total cost of labor and the prices that could be charged for hiring a crane that is a necessity in assembly and installation. Other additional costs could include any other prices of customization or other necessary adjustments. Landscaping and the building of a driveway are the popular and usual additional costs.

In conclusion, a rough estimate of the expenses involved in setting up a modular home on raw land in Colorado is about $100,000 to $300,000 premised on all the above-discussed factors. It is vital to request additional information, quotations and approximations from the maker of the home, the specific builder and the requisite authorities for increased precision and accuracy pertaining the specific figures involved grounded on the unique circumstances in your construction case and premised on your tastes and inclinations.