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5 Popular Modular Home Myths

Construction of new and modern modular house.

Throughout the years, there have been plenty of myths associated with modular homes. More often than not, that’s because they’re mistaken for prefabricated houses when in reality, the two couldn’t be more different.

While there are plenty of assumptions made about modular homes, we’re here to help you learn all the facts. Keep reading to know more about the most common modular home myths and discover more about the quality, costs, and modular home construction process. 

The Top Five Modular Home Myths 

Myth 1: Modular Homes Are Cheap

The idea of a ‘cheap’ home isn’t appealing to anyone. Unfortunately, many modular home myths suggest they are just a cheaper alternative to traditional stick-built houses.

This myth comes in two parts: modular homes are built using subpar materials, and modular homes cost very little. 

First, let’s address the big one – that modular homes are ‘cheaply’ built. Modular homes are built with the same firm, durable materials as any stick-built home – the only difference occurs during assembly. Modular homes are built off-site in a factory with a controlled climate, so builders don’t have as many setbacks during construction. At Premium Living, our modular home building process is very straightforward. We assemble our custom modular homes with industry-accredited materials so your house can withstand just about anything! We use the same high-quality materials that construct stick-built homes, so there’s no real difference between them.

Now, on to the second part. Modular homes aren’t cheap, but they are a more affordable alternative than stick-built homes. On average, a modular home costs 10-35% less than traditional homes to build. That means you can place this additional money towards purchasing a modular homeland, customizing your modular floor plan, or saving it! Just like a stick-built home, the more customizations you add, the more your price changes. Before construction, we recommend consulting with your modular home designer to see what add-ons are ideal for your home and wallet.

As you can see, the modular home myth that modular homes are cheap just doesn’t add up. Modular homes have the same integrity as stick-built homes, with minor cost differences.

Myth 2: All Modular Homes Look The Same

Unfortunately, one modular home myth that hasn’t subsided is the assumption that modular homes all look the same. Many people think of small, cookie-cutter homes when they hear the word “modular,” but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Like a stick-built home, modular homes are customized to look exactly how you want, from the layout to the finishes and everything in between. At Premium Living, our favorite part of creating a custom modular home is the design process. When you decide to build a modular home, our team will appoint a designer to guide you through the customization process. To begin, you select an existing modular floor plan from our website. Once you find the floor plan that fits your family, our designer will take your floor plan and bring it into our customization software. During this time, you can discuss what you’d like to modify, and our designer will change your floor plan as needed. It could be as simple as adding or removing carpeting or more complex design changes like moving walls or shifting the kitchen island in your home. No matter the design change, our team can handle any task, no matter the size.

At Premium Living, we take our modular home customization process very seriously and craft each of our homes with the utmost care. Our team will be in touch throughout the design and construction process, providing updates on your home’s status. Once construction is complete, you’ll finally have the home you’ve always wanted.

Myth 3: Modular Home Construction Isn’t As Reliable As Stick-Built Construction

This modular home myth is one we hear a lot. Many homeowners worry about a modular home’s integrity because they assume modular home construction isn’t as durable as stick-built construction.

Consider this: modular homes first gained popularity in the 1950s due to a sudden increase in housing demand following WWII. Many of the houses built in the 50s are still standing strong today and have significantly increased in value. Modular home construction is more reliable than stick-built construction. The only difference happens during assembly.

Stick-built homes are 100% built on-site, while modular homes are built off-site and then assembled on your land. The reason modular home construction is complete off-site is so our builders don’t experience delays or setbacks. Unfortunately, because stick-built homes are constructed on-site, they do experience some delays due to bad weather. Modular home construction, because of the secure off-site construction process, doesn’t encounter these same setbacks.

Myth 4: It’s Difficult To Finance A Modular Home

This myth stems from confusion between modular homes and mobile homes, which are difficult to finance due to their rapid depreciation. While mobile homes do not have the same integrity as modular homes, that does not mean modular homes are difficult to finance. In some cases, modular homes are more straightforward to finance than traditional stick-built homes, especially if your bank is familiar with the manufacturer. 

If you’d like to finance your modular home, that’s an option with Premium Living of Colorado Springs. During the design process, take a moment to discuss your needs with your designer, and we can discuss next steps.

Myth 5: Modular Homes Are Expensive To Maintain

Although modular homes do have annual maintenance, such as HVAC and electrical needs, that doesn’t mean your modular home is expensive to maintain. This popular modular home myth originated because modular homes are less costly to build. As a result, many people assume it means they are made cheaply and will require expensive repairs in the future. 

This myth could not be further from the truth! Due to their factory construction, modular homes are built more efficiently than traditional stick-built homes and produce less construction waste. The green building process and regulated construction environment contribute to their lower costs, which does not impact modular home maintenance in the slightest.

It’s important to conduct annual maintenance to other aspects of your home, so you don’t encounter any costly repairs. However, modular homes are not expensive to maintain. Instead, they’re a fairly cost-effective construction solution for many homeowners.

Debunk Modular Home Myths At Premium Living

At Premium Living, we know there are a lot of myths about custom modular homes. If you want to get all the facts and learn more about our modular home construction and customization process, then schedule a consultation with our team. Our designers are more than happy to assist you throughout the process and teach you more about modular homes. Before you meet with a designer, take a virtual tour of our modular homes so that you can have a better idea of our houses.