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Why a modular home in Colorado is a wise decision

Time Savings

In most instances, a home can be delivered to the building site within 90 days from the time of ordering the home. When the house gets to your property, it is nearly 90% complete, which allows you to move into your new home much faster, as well. And just because construction and setup move at a rapid pace doesn’t mean builders ignore safety and building codes.

Money Savings

It is less expensive to build a module home compared to old-fashioned stick-built homes. It takes a smaller team to build a module home move-in ready over fewer days thus increasing your labor savings.

Its high-energy efficiency rating saves you a lot in terms of heating and cooling costs. The various levels of customization and fittings can also help you lower the amount of money you are willing to spend on your home construction.

Modular homes in Denver Colorado are gaining in popularity!


It is common for factory-built homes to cost considerably less than site-built homes, therefore appraisals typically come in higher, creating instant equity in the home.

Not many people would be willing to spend on a prefab home if it kept depreciating as years go by. Unlike mobile homes built on wheels or trailers, module homes are built on the same foundation as a stick-built home. This boosts its integrity and reliability as a permanent residential dwelling in the real estate market.


Since the construction is done in a well-controlled environment without any interference caused by weather or long delivery times, you can be assured of quality materials once your modular home is complete. The sturdiness of the roofing materials, wall panels, and other structures within the building increases the durability of a prefab home and its ability to withstand harsh weather.


Each home is built to meet or exceed the minimum standards of the Uniform Building Code issued by the state of Colorado.

The structural soundness of prefab homes is greater than standard homes built of wood. Every single piece of a prefabricated house is thoroughly inspected for durability and sturdiness before it can be approved for the structure.


Premium Living offers over 100 different floor plans to choose from between three manufacturers. Several different styles of homes including Cape Cods, Ranches, Two and 2 ½ Stories.

Along with the flexibility of floorplans, Colorado homeowners can choose to build their prefabricated home on a permanent foundation or trailers. It all comes down to personal preferences and the building code specifications in your area. They can be temporarily set at a preferred location to be moved later.


Fabricated homes are easily customizable with endless designs to suit your taste and preferences. With the wide variety of material designs offered by the manufacturer, you have the freedom to choose the square footage, wall placement, number of sinks, number of restrooms, and many other features. You can choose between upgraded finishes and standard finishes for the flooring, whatever appeals to you most. If you are working on a shoestring budget, you can always go with the standard floor plans because they are cost-efficient and reduce the project timeline with a great margin.

Energy Efficient

Prefab homes are highly energy efficient because of their perfectly sealed window gaps, and tight seams. They help reduce your energy bills by keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter. The tight construction of prefab homes also makes them resistant to natural disasters because the assembled parts are all connected to the main framework.


By building a modular house you have the power to create a larger kitchen, multiple bathrooms, or a compact office space within your new home. Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can work with your builder and home manufacturer to determine a modular home design that best fits your needs.


At Premium Living, we believe in fine craftsmanship and that every detail of your home is significant. With our commitment to excellence and authenticity, we know that you will be pleased with your module home! Our knowledgeable team is here to serve Colorado residents dreaming of building and owning a module home.