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Top 7 Benefits of Purchasing a Modular Home

Nowadays, modular homes are built as efficiently as traditional stick-built homes. Quality control and adherence to local building codes have ensured that modular homes are safe and durable. Modular homes built in a controlled, indoor setting allow protection against weather or any other outside force. Raw materials are gathered and sent on-site to the factory where skilled workers assemble each component to your home.

Rocky Mountain Base Camp works with a long list of preferred manufacturers to offer Colorado residents a customized, modular home that they can enjoy for years to come. Aside from the few benefits we listed above, read on to learn more about the 7 benefits of purchasing a modular home. Once you’re ready to pull the trigger on your new modular home, we will help you every step of the way.

Cost Efficiency

Construction of new and modern modular house.

When comparing apples-to-apples, modular homes save Colorado home buyers between 20% to 30%. Considering the average home costs roughly $200,000, that’s a lot of savings. Those savings can give your Colorado modular home beautiful landscaping, or perhaps a playset for the kids.

These savings can be attributed to less overhead. When building a home in a controlled environment, saves on the transportation of materials, as most are built in-house at the factory, as well as saving on outside labor. Most modular home builders want to keep everything in-house.

Energy Efficiency

Since modular homes are built in factories, they are created to exact specifications which creates much less material waste.  In addition, most modular homes use two-by-six (2 x 6) framing for the walls. This allows more insulation to be placed in the wall, thereby ensuring greater energy efficiency for Colorado modular homeowners. Finally, heat loss in modular homes is virtually non-existent. Due to the homes being built in factories, manufacturers are able to carefully study gaps and place sealants in problems areas where traditional home builders may miss.

Reduced Building Time

With careful planning, Colorado modular homeowners can often be in their new home within weeks of selecting it. On average, most modular homes are built in a third of the time that traditional homes are built. This is due to the automation in most modular home factories. While machines make the construction process faster, the repetition of the modular home building process makes it easier for the fabricators to complete a task. As a whole, this creates stronger teamwork on-site and a higher efficiency rate than fabricating stick-built homes.

Design Flexibility

With modular homes, you can choose from one of many standard designs or tailor your own custom design. Plus, homes in the standard range can be tweaked to fit your individual requirements. Modular construction allows for a dynamic and flexible approach to the design process giving the homebuyers the ultimate flexibility and freedom to come up with a customized design suitable to their personal style and lifestyle.

Higher Quality Build

Because modular homes are built in factories, manufacturers are able to utilize tools unavailable to the site builder such as custom manufactured jigs which ensure that all walls, floors, and ceilings are square and plumb.

Understandably so, most who are curious may be cautious of the transportation process of the home. However, each module that makes up the home is designed to withstand travel requirements. The home is purposely built to be more durable to withstand the high speeds that they experience. Additionally, this durable construction allows the modular home to withstand high winds and strong storms.

Strict Inspection Process

Even before the first board is nailed into a modular home, all modular home building plans must be reviewed and approved in each state where the manufacturer intends to sell the home. First, the home plans must be approved by the state the home is being built in. Next, the modular home builder consults with a third-party inspection agency to avoid any biases. Finally, the home receives its seal of approval to be built. This multi-step process allows for peace of mind and a quality home that will last for decades.

Perfect for Remote Areas

More often than not, construction in remote areas can bring challenges for your Colorado modular home project to be not financially or logistically feasible.

With a modular home, you don’t have to worry about these issues. Our team has built strategic partnerships such as Heritage Homes, Genesis Homes, and more to make your remote living a reality. Our partners can transport each module of your home to your land. This process makes logistics a breeze and reduces the labor involved, saving you tons of money!

Contact Rocky Mountain Base Camp today to learn more about modular construction and how the lower price tag of a modular home can provide Colorado homeowners the flexibility they need to live comfortably.