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Choosing The Best Countertops for Your Prefabricated Home

Grey countertop with white tile backsplash

Choosing the right kitchen countertop can be challenging. When it comes to selecting a surface that’s best for your module home’s kitchen counter, it’s important to look beyond both popularity and affordability.

Countertops set the tone for the kitchen, so choose materials and a look that not only reflect your style but also are in line with how you use the kitchen. Here’s a summary of workspace surfaces and how they stand up in the kitchen environment. 


Granite countertops have been a staple in homes for decades now and they look great in module homes too! Namely because of its wide availability and durability. It’s very resistant to scratches, heat, and stains and is very sanitary. There is also so much variety when it comes to granite, giving homeowners nearly 3,000 different options.

As far as negatives go, there aren’t many when it comes to granite. Like any natural stone, there may be some undesirable variability or imperfections in a given slab. Also, granite is fairly porous and requires sealing with a high-quality sealer.


Sometimes referred to as engineered stone and comparable to granite in many ways, quartz is quickly becoming a popular substitute for homeowners seeking a rich, natural stone appearance but preferring a material that is more stain-resistant and requires less long-term maintenance. Quartz is an excellent choice for homeowners wanting a consistent and uniform appearance compared to the natural variations found in granite.

Quartz countertops are manufactured by crushing quartz and combining it with a binding agent such as resin. This process provides homeowners with many visual options to choose from and helps ensure the look and pattern selected in the showroom will be what appears on your countertop once installed. While quartz is not as heat-resistant as granite, many homeowners prefer quartz due to its nonporous nature and reduced maintenance requirements.

The price point for quartz is typically in the same range as granite since it is a manufactured product and price ranges are closely controlled by the companies that produce it. A solid competitor to granite, quartz is an excellent option to consider if you’d like a natural stone appearance while having greater control over the colors and patterns of your countertops.


Formerly a classic choice in many kitchens, marble has taken a backseat to both granite and quartz due to its being a less durable and more porous material. Marble countertops can offer homeowners a truly stunning appearance with unique patterns and colors thanks to the natural mining process that ensures no two slabs are exactly the same. Unfortunately, that beauty comes with a price, as marble is more porous and less resistant to stains, heat, and physical damage than granite and quartz. In fact, many builders refuse to provide a warranty for a marble countertop when installed in a high-traffic kitchen environment due to its natural limitations. Homeowners choosing to install marble countertops will need to pay close attention to any items that may stain it and keep all surfaces clean at all times. A full sealing process will be required during installation and annual sealing treatments are recommended thereafter. For those who are willing to meet the somewhat challenging upkeep requirements, and maybe design a minimally used kitchen, marble can offer a very appealing upscale look.


With poured-in-place concrete countertops, it’s possible to have an entire kitchen without any seams! Concrete countertops are most often used in transitional or modern spaces, are heat-resistant, and can be textured, shaped, and colored to suit.

Without proper sealing, concrete countertops can be susceptible to stains and scratches. Abrasive cleaning solutions and tools can damage the sealer so great care should be taken when maintaining concrete countertops. Cracking is also a possibility as a house settles over time. Finally, poured-in-place concrete countertops are often a very expensive option.

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